How We Procure

We will apply the tournament’s values when procuring service providers and suppliers:

  • Bold and Brave – we will welcome and consider innovative approaches, and welcome new service providers and suppliers, not just the tried and tested.
  • World Class – we will seek out the best in class service providers and suppliers that share our world class values.
  • Authentic – we will endeavour to offer opportunities to service providers and suppliers that have shown a genuine commitment to Rugby League and / or are based in the ‘heartlands’ of the sport.
  • Inclusive – we will seek to use the widest possible channels to advertise opportunities and ensure that our selection processes are fully inclusive.


Our Procurement Principles

In procuring service providers and suppliers, we are committed to the following principles:

  1. undertake open competition and a fair selection process;
  2. ensure the creditability and integrity of all potential suppliers;
  3. take measures to guard against fraud and corruption;
  4. ensure procurement decisions will be taken solely in the best interests of RLWC2021, so to enable it to achieve its purpose;
  5. encourage service providers and suppliers to secure wider social, economic and environmental benefits, as described in the Social Value Act 2012;
  6. set out clear process and evaluation guidance from the outset, to manage expectations of potential suppliers;
  7. promote and undertake procurements that support and enable best practice contract management e.g. the inclusion of clear KPIs;
  8. respect the confidentiality of the process and of any information received, and ensure intellectual property is protected;
  9. ensure we act with probity and objectivity managing any conflicts of interest, perceived or actual. Where a conflict of interest does arise, it is disclosed, managed and mitigated; and
  10. observe principles of equal treatment, non-discrimination and transparency when awarding contracts.